Friday, August 25, 2017

A Visit with Reina Cottier

Reina Cottier
Tairua, New Zealand

I live between crystal filled mountains and a beautiful surf beach!

Good morning, Reina, and welcome back to Vision and Verse, the Place for Art and Authors.  It is a pleasure to have you with us this morning.  I admire your gorgeous artwork.  How would you describe your artwork? 
Colourful, flowing, capturing essences  of sea, earth,  varied cultures, with a 
positive uplifting energy.

What is your favorite art medium? 
Acrylic paint

Favorite food.I love ALL food, ok ...absolutely fave? Sushi,... although my Mums shepherds pie is awesome!

Coffee or tea.
I’m a tea girl through and through :)

Ice cream or pizza?
If its Gelato, then icecream. Otherwise, pizza! -with lots of anchovies & olives!

Where would you like to visit?
Somewhere I haven’t already been, like,... Vietnam or South America.

Favorite music.
Not one fave, but top faves are: David Gray, Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Mozart, Gypsy Kings, love the blues as well. 

Do you listen to music when you work?
Yes absolutely a must, zones me out...or in… or both! What? all of the above - I alternate between favourite radio staion and CD’s.Everything! 

How old were you when you started creating art?
I'm one of those as soon as I could hold a crayon, I was drawing, colouring, creating, it never stopped. I took art as an optional subject right through school.

We all like to draw, paint, etc., but we couldn’t make a living doing it.  When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
Professionally? After I had kids, once they were at an age where they were self sufficient enough to give me the time to  dedicate to making my art a business as well.

When did you know you made the right decision?
From day one I knew I was doing something that fulfilled something massive inside of me and when I started selling almost eveything I was painting,  combined with the happiness/contentment I got out of it, I knew for sure I was on the right path for me.

What advice would you have for someone aspiring to became a professional artist?
Go for it, but be discerning, and believe in yourself.  Know that not everyone will love your art, and thats ok...not everyone has to. If you want to make a living from it, then your art will have to appeal to some, and you need to find that ‘some’. The internet has been very successful for me, but its not everyone’s cup of tea… others prefer exhibitions, galleries etc.  I prefer alot of client interaction, so FB and Twitter, and my blog are my tools for marketing an building relationships with people, learning their story and them mine.

Who is the one person in your personal life that has had the most profound effect on you, and why?
My mother. Highly intelligent, she is a true artsy/crafty eccentric. She put her craft before anything else and is what I and many other described as ‘gifted’ with her talents. She taught me how to be true to what you are doing, to focus and to finish. She was also incredibly open minded for her generation and always made sure I could talk to her about absolutely anything. She encouraged me to search for my own answers rather than take what others are saying as utter truth. She was the mother who was giving me tarot cards & Linda Goodmans Star Signs book when I was16 for Christmas,  while all my friends were getting the latest clothes etc. She taught me about Sacred Geometry when I was a kid, encouraged me to think about UFO’s, reincarnation, and anything that was not considered the ‘norm’.   A quick witted, funny, generous, kind, fantastic woman who I love to bits.

What does the artist Reina Cottier find funny?
I'm one of those people that finds the humour in everything, my kids are a constant source of humour for me, even when they are being very serious. My partner is hilarious, and I laugh at myself all the time. British Comedy too,  I was raised on it.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I am influenced by the beach, the mountains, the energy of the land, different cultures, experiences with people and life... I love colour, so anything that is vibrant and full of love/light just shines to me, and the loves are automatically more intense.  I then have an urgent desire to get that "feeling" onto a canvas.

What do you do when you get artist's block?              
I have never experienced a total block, but when I have too much going on in my personal life, leaves me tired, and  no time to breathe and feel properly, so creativity lessens. 

What is your favorite sculpture?
My partner Jerry is a sculptor, and I love his creations. A local sculptor here, Christine Hatton is amazing too, I really resonate with her sculptures.

Best book you ever read.
 Any of Louise L Hay or  Echart Tolle..., and Richard Bransons autobiography! omg it was incredible, thrilling, such an adventure, what a man.
Last book you read.
Rod. - Rod Stewarts autobiography. Needed a book to read on a plane trip, and it was the only one that appealed at the airport book store. Surprisingly hilarious and easy to read, I really enjoyed it.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with ONE person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?  
My Dad, because he passed away 6 years ago and it would be awesome to talk to him about how much my life has changed in that time, how proud of me I know he would be, and to just bask in his unconditional love & acceptance of me. We were close.

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