Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Interview Update with Our Favorite Hawaiian Photographer Jason Bartimus

Hey, Jason! Welcome back to Vision and Verse. What has our favorite Hawaiian photographer  been up to lately?

I have been working slowly through a few different projects.  I have realized that my process is best when I work slowly.  Everything in me wants to do everything as fast as possible but there is always the problem of it becoming a chore. 

 I have created a few projects that have been keeping me consistent with my work, and can get me out there every weekend.  

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I am continuing to learn that inspiration is found in our limitations.  Limitations can cause some of us to find resourceful ways to make a photograph. I have had to settle with the fact that traveling isn't going to happen very often for me and all I have to work with my backyard..Hawaii. Ok, you may laugh and say that I don't have it 
that hard and that this isn't a real limitation.  

However consider the fact that I have seen Oahu for 21 years and there is only so many times I can go to this beach or that hike.  Having said that I have embraced the joy of going to locations that countless others have photographed and challenging myself to create something unique.  I can’t say I always succeed but the challenge has become my inspiration.    

I have also had to come to come to grips with the fact that I won't be going on dangerous excursions to get to infrequently explored areas.  So what I am left with is the challenge of visiting high traffic photography spots and still being able to create something inspiring.  Even after I have been to the same location countless times!

Did you always see yourself as a creative individual? 

No. In fact I have always felt, that I am not creative.  Creativity implies that I have an idea...and I rarely ever have an idea for a photo. I have always thought that a truly creative person knows exactly what they want or at least good idea before they even start a project. 

 I go to a location with a blank slate, frame my shot with my favorite exposure settings and make sure I get what I need to get in focus. Even at this point the only components I am looking for are light and composition. 

Even after importing the photos I still have no idea what I want for a final product.  I cull through my raw material, find a shot that I like, and begin to edit.  As I start to edit, this is where my creative process starts to kick in. 

 Each photo will speak differently to me. I will see parts of the photo and begin to envision what I want them to look like.  It is a very fluid, slow, and free flowing process. So I have never felt creative because my creative process doesn't begin until much later in my workflow and not at the beginning.  I never start with intent, but I work through my process until discover the intent. So I had to find what being creative meant for me.

Thank you so much for stopping by and giving us an update on what you're doing. Come back anytime! Hugs.

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