Monday, November 6, 2017

January Black Ice by Carol Ann Kauffman


January Black Ice is the first installment in the Cat Collier Mystery Series, serial short stories. Mary Catherine (Cat) Collier is a small town obituary writer for a failing newspaper. She does all their research online. She has a college degree in elementary education, but jobs in the local school systems are scarce. Cat has her own shoebox of an apartment and dreams of someday opening her own investigation business.

One day she gets a phone call from the city's oldest, most famous, well-known lawyer, Derrick Bittmor. He asks her to investigate a stranger in town, a young man who sits on a park bench and stares up at Bittmor's penthouse apartment. This young man looks like Bittmor. 

Joining January Black Ice are February White Lies, March Blues, and April Yellow Moon. I am presently working on Lavender Mists of May.

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