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Branded by Fire by Tina Leonard

Branded by Fire from NY Times &  USA Today Best Selling Author @Tina Leonard Branded by Fire is book two in the series! It’s available now!
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Some secrets just can’t be kept.

Dr. Kayla Wright has lived on the outside of Star Canyon’s social circles for years, unlike her vivacious sister, Jenny—yet Kayla’s always been drawn to handsome and sexy Romero Dark. But Kayla knows that her attraction to Romero can never mean anything, not with her reputation in Star Canyon—and especially not with her knowing an explosive secret about the Dark family’s father, the beloved Captain Dark, who died mysteriously in a warehouse fire the year prior.

But when the passion between Kayla and Romero bursts into flame, Kayla knows she’s done the unthinkable. She can’t stop herself from being near Romero, yet she knows it’s not possible for her to devote herself to him under these circumstances. Will Kayla stay quiet about Captain Dark, or risk losing Romero’s love forever when she tells him the real story about a night Star Canyon has never forgotten?

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Art of Dimitri Danish

Dimitri Danish is another of those wonderful artists that I just happened upon while researching another project. His work is beautiful and has an ethereal quality. 

The Ukrainian born Dimitri has a knack for painting beautiful cityscapes, magical places you want to visit, or where you want to reside, maybe. 

Dimitri Danish also did some work as a set designer for an opera theater. I can see how he used the visual imagery of dreamlike cities and villages to create scenes for the theater.  

They say Dimitri could draw before he could walk or talk. His first art lessons came from his mother, who is an artist herself.  She saw that he could express his thoughts and feelings through drawing and painting even before he could put them into words.

This could be one of many old European towns. I visited many of them in Italy. They have something that's missing in our new, modern, well-planned out cities. They are warm and quaint. They're charming. They have soul. You can almost feel the centuries of life and love and happiness and angst that lived in the residents of those old towns. The narrow streets and tall, close walls breathe.

This is the painting that first caught my eye. Murano. Beautiful Murano. If you're even visited Murano, Burano, or Venice, you know these cities seem like paintings that have come to life. Dimitri Danish has captured that quality in his work.


Once again, I claim nothing here as my own. I found Dimitri Danish by accident. His work impressed me. The creativity. The inspiration. I hope it does the same for you. Here are some links to follow Dimitri:

Monday, February 26, 2018

Lord of Blakeley by Carol Ann Kauffman

Dear Gentle Readers,

Lord of Blakeley is a time travel adventure love story. Andrew is a simple farm boy who lives in the agricultural province of Blakeley. He has a fascination for Lady Aleese, the ward of neighboring ruler. He has tried to get in to see her on various occasions, but was always thrown out. One day, she comes to Blakeley for a visit. 

Here is what others say about Lord of Blakeley:

Here is an except:

How It All Began
Location: Blakeley Province, Year 2073, Planet Nord

The woman of Blakeley spent days cleaning and airing out the Manor House and preparing food for her arrival. The men checked the solar cells and hooked up power to the building and the lighting to all the rooms. Water service was restored. There was cooking and baking and decorating, the likes had not been seen in ten years. The big house had remained empty since the last Blakeley Lord had died in battle ten years ago and his wife, Lady Blakeley died six months later, some say of a broken heart. The day of Lady Aleese’s arrival, the children gathered wildflowers. And all the eligible, interested bachelors of Blakeley, which was all of them, were lined up in front of the Manor House in a giant semi-circle as the Havenhill Party rode into the village in beautiful ornate carriages pulled by white stallions decorated with ribbons and pink roses.
The children sang songs as the beautiful Aleese, in a simple cream satin dress emerged from the carriage and waved to them.
“Oh, look at them! They are so sweet.”
“They’re not sweet. They’re dirty little ragamuffins with no self-control,” snorted Lord Havenhill.
Aleese laughed. “Will you please relax and try not to be so… grumpy.”
“Grumpy? I’m not grumpy. I just… don’t want to be here.”
“And it shows. Why don’t you go in the Manor House and find somebody to fuss over you and bring you tea and maybe a cookie.”
“Okay. I will. This gangly lot is all that Blakeley Province has to offer you, Aleese. Some are strong, a few are smart, and one or two might even be considered handsome in a farm boyish kind of way, but honestly, my child, there is not a Blakeley man that is all three. Of all the men on Nord, these Blakeley males are the most ill-suited to take on the role of leadership. They’re dirt-diggers who only understand a good thrashing. Are you absolutely sure you want a Blakeley man?
“The men from Portmist are much larger and much stronger. Langley men are pleasant and very quiet. The men from Comerton are handsome and, although not very smart, are bred to please. The men from New Quark are scientific and very precise. And Havenhill men, as you well know, are natural leaders, brilliant, and very charming and would be able to appreciate a woman of your quality and distinction. I had really hoped you would agree to take Grant as your mate and become the Lady of Havenhill one day. He is a natural-born leader, you know.”
“Oh, I am sure you did. And, yes, Grant is a fine man. He will be a great Nordon leader one day. And he will always hold a very special place in my heart.”
“You know he loves you. I know he can be stubborn. I’ve tried my best to stomp that out of him, but his mother coddles him. But you know Grant cares for you a great deal. He would take excellent care of you and protect you.”
“Of course, I know that. But I seek more than just care and protection. Lord Harold, I want love, pure blissful love, the kind that races the heart and raises the spirit; the kind you can feel coursing through your veins. I am drawn here to Blakeley, Lord Havenhill. I believe the man I seek is here in this beautiful province. I have seen him in my dreams. He draws me to him. And I will know him when I see his warm, sweet eyes, when I hear his wonderful voice, when I touch him and feel the spark. I know it.”
“Oh, child, I’m not sure that kind of love even exists anymore. That was love a long, long time ago, before the big wars, before we became so jaded with all these labor-saving devices, scientific discoveries, and space travel. I remember it, a man and a woman in love. Nothing else mattered,” he sighed and looked off into the distance, remembering something, someone from his distant past.
“Well, here they are, the whole rangy lot of them. I cannot imagine a man from Blakeley leading us to peace, stopping the war, or neutralizing damn, crazy bastard Samuel, the Bishop, let alone being the love of your life, your mate, as the prophecy has foretold. But if you wish to examine this sorry lot, one by one, then I shall help you in any way I can. I remember the promise I made to your father, to trust your judgment.”
“Thank you, Lord Havenhill. You are very kind… and brilliant and charming,” she laughed.

Andrew and Carmine walked up from the fields together, hearing the call to come to the village square.
“What’s going on?” asked Carmine.
“They’re calling for all single men to come to the village square immediately,” said Jared.  
“Why?” asked Carmine, getting in line.
“It seems the fair and lovely Golden Lady Aleese has turned twenty years old and was told by her guardian Lord Havenhill to pick a mate or have one chosen for her. She has had a future vision of her mate, and she believes him to be a Blakeley man. She has come here to find him with the intention of marrying him, which would then make him, get this, the new Lord of Blakeley,” said Jared.
“No kidding? You have got to be joking,” Andrew said, amazed at the prospect. “This can’t be real!”
“Why? Because you think there is not a man among us who is worthy of her? You think that there is not a man in our whole province that is brave enough, strong enough, smart enough, and handsome enough to catch the eye of lovely Lady Aleese?”
“No. I don’t just think it. I know it. I am sure of it,” Andrew nodded. “She is like no other woman I have ever seen.”
“You’ve been crazy about her for years, since the day you saw her at the Library. You stood there and listened to her talk and then followed her around for hours and hours, with this really dumb smile on your face.”
“Yes, I remember,” he laughed. “I was amazed by her. Enthralled. I’d never seen anything like her before in my life. Actually, I saw her first at the hospital in Portmist, talking to the patients, easing their pain, soothing their worries, and talking to the doctors, listening to their concerns.
“And, yes, I went specially to hear her speak at the Grand Library in New Quark and I spent the whole day following her around, watching her, listening to her, trying to catch her eye. She is truly outstanding, mesmerizing. She is so much more than beautiful. She’s very intelligent, concerned about others, and funny, and so very sweet. She has this intuitive sense. I tried to get close enough to her just to say hello and tell her I thought she was wonderful, but I couldn’t get anywhere near her.
“Once I called out to her and she turned toward me, but tons of Havenhill guards descended upon me and dragged me outside and beat me off.
“Grant Havenhill’s doing, I presume. He doesn’t want any other man anywhere near her. She deserves so much more than Grant Havenhill. Or the sorry likes of one of us! She deserves some big, strong, handsome, smart, brave hero, someone who will make her happy. And I don’t think there’s a man among us who could figure a way out of this damn futile war and lead our world to peace. We are not fighters or men of deep thought. We’re nothing more than simple farmers,” said Andrew.
“How exactly does this interview process work?”
“So… after all that, you’re in?” laughed Carmine.
“Absolutely, I’m in. But do you think I have time to go home and change my shirt?” They all laughed.
“Yes, go. We’ll save you a place.” 
Andrew ran home, freshened up, and changed his shirt. He walked back to the village center with a happy spring in his step.
“Am I too late?”

“No, your place is saved here at the end of the line.”

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Schedule for Feb. 26 - Mar. 2, 2018

Mon., Feb. 26 - Lord of Blakeley
By Carol Ann Kauffman
Tues., Feb. 27 - The Art of 
Dimitri Danish
Wed., Feb. 28 - BLOG TOUR*
Branded by Fire
by Tina Leonard
Thurs., Mar. 1 - MCP Orchid Show
Jewels of Winter
Fri., Mar. 2 - Red Sarah
By Carol Ann Kauffman

* May be a Substitute post here, as
I have not yet heard from Posey Parts.

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The Art of Hilary Eddy

The Art of Hilary Eddy

Hilary Eddy was born in England and spent her childhood in Surrey, England, 
where her mother's love of colorful flowers and her father's broad appreciation 
of nature proved to have a profound influence on her artistic concerns and 

She attended college in North Wales 
where she was awarded the Douglas
 Williams Memorial Prize for Excellence
 in Art. She then came to the United 
States where she pursued her career 
at Purdue University, gaining her 
Masters of Arts degree in Fine Art in 

Hilary has held more than sixty solo exhibitions of her oil paintings 
nationally at museums, universities, and commercial art galleries, 
including the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. 

She has won over forty awards in national and regional exhibitions. including the Grand Prize and First Place Award in the experimental 
category in The Artist's Magazine, 
which had over 10,000 entries.

Her paintings have been featured in the major art publications like
American Art Collector, International Artist. The Artist's Magazine,
 and Art Crowd Magazine. I was captivated by her colored glass 
collection of oil paintings that you see here today. 

I stumbled upon Hilary's work while researching another art post. I was drawn in 

by a memory from my childhood that these beautiful pastel glass bottles and flowers
 evoked. It reminded me of my Aunt Rita's dressing table. Beautiful colored glass 
bottles of perfumes and cream and I don't know what else sat on an oval mirrored
 tray in the middle of her dressing table in their bedroom. It was a memory of classic 
beauty in a gentler time. 

I claim nothing here as my own. All information is from the website listed below. 
Check it out. Her work is fantastic!