Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Art of Dimitri Danish

Dimitri Danish is another of those wonderful artists that I just happened upon while researching another project. His work is beautiful and has an ethereal quality. 

The Ukrainian born Dimitri has a knack for painting beautiful cityscapes, magical places you want to visit, or where you want to reside, maybe. 

Dimitri Danish also did some work as a set designer for an opera theater. I can see how he used the visual imagery of dreamlike cities and villages to create scenes for the theater.  

They say Dimitri could draw before he could walk or talk. His first art lessons came from his mother, who is an artist herself.  She saw that he could express his thoughts and feelings through drawing and painting even before he could put them into words.

This could be one of many old European towns. I visited many of them in Italy. They have something that's missing in our new, modern, well-planned out cities. They are warm and quaint. They're charming. They have soul. You can almost feel the centuries of life and love and happiness and angst that lived in the residents of those old towns. The narrow streets and tall, close walls breathe.

This is the painting that first caught my eye. Murano. Beautiful Murano. If you're even visited Murano, Burano, or Venice, you know these cities seem like paintings that have come to life. Dimitri Danish has captured that quality in his work.


Once again, I claim nothing here as my own. I found Dimitri Danish by accident. His work impressed me. The creativity. The inspiration. I hope it does the same for you. Here are some links to follow Dimitri:




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