Friday, March 30, 2018

The Bolaji Kingdoms Series by T.S. Valmond + Free Novella Offer!

SAMPLE FROM BOOK ONE (The Courier's Code):

“Voice identification confirmed. How may I help you?” The automated voice spoke in a clipped and impatient manner.
“I need to speak with someone about a fetch discrepancy.” 
“We deliver: we don’t ask, we don’t tell, the—”
“Courier always delivers.” Rasha tapped on the square, impatient to get a real live person. “I’m aware of the code, you robotic pumseed. No, this is above and beyond the code.”
“Please enter your job number.” Rasha sighed.
“Fetch & Drop Assignment 2-4879, confirmed, in progress, requested and accepted.” The computerized voice droned.
“Incorrect, not requested. I demand an audience with anyone in the Courier’s Keep. I don’t want to talk to an artificial—”
“Fetch & Drop Assignment 2-4879 requested by Luduru Moren, accepted by Rasha Jenchat.” 
“Requested? No, there must be a mistake.”
“Voice confirmation of Luduru Moren-62513 received.” 
“We didn’t ask for humanoid cargo.”
“Transport of humanoid cargo is cause for immediate dismissal and license revocation for all couriers involved. Moren-62513 and Jenchat-42769 licenses are now void. Thank you and have a nice—”
Rasha switched off the device with the tap of her thumb. She slipped the clear square back into her pocket before turning to Lu. He backed up but not fast enough. Rasha hauled him up hard by his vest and slammed him against the nearest wall.
“What in the yahtz did you do?”

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*A Special Note for My Readers from. T.S. Valmond:

"I'd like to offer you an exclusive FREE novella if you'd like to read something of mine before committing to purchasing the series: The First Kingdom is actually a free bonus to people who purchase the 3rd book(Quest) but I'll give you, the Vision and Verse Readers, the link to download it without purchasing the book."

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