Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Art of Charles H. Pabst

The Pabst Family of Santa Clara, California, had a very deep appreciation of all things cultural; art, music, and the theater.

Edwin and Leota Pabst had two sons. Charles was the elder. It is said that at a very early age, he picked up his grandmother's watercolor set and began painting whatever he saw. His parents saw his talent and encouraged him as much as they could.

The Pabst Family traveled extensively, contributing to Charles love of beautiful scenery and the love of nature. He continued to travel as an adult, picking a new country to immerse himself in, studying the culture and the scenery and taking many photographs to back home to his studio.

Charles H. Pabst was a deeply religious man who believed God wanted him not only to be a painter, but a very good painter who could create magnificent paintings of God's creations for all people to enjoy. Charles H. Pabst's work has a calmness and grandeur added to the beautiful scenes.


I claim nothing here as my own. All information and photos are from Pabst's links:

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