Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Art of Chinese Artist Z.L. Feng

Z. L. Feng

Z. L. Feng is an artist from the Shanghai area. He is most noted for his extraordinarily beautiful watercolors.  He is known for his precision in painting watercolors. The sheerness of color against the strategically clean lines in the landscapes is very difficult to accomplish. 

Amid the sheer color layers, brilliant aquamarine skies, and the precise drawing lines, he likes to place a black-barked tree in the setting.  Some say these dark images sprinkled in these gorgeous paintings is inspired by the cultural symbolism of his native China. 

His favorite paintings show the gorgeous fall colors in the trees by the riverside. He says they remind him of the temperate New River Valley region in southwest Virginia.

I claim nothing here as my own. I think more people should see Feng's beautiful watercolors.

"With watercolors, you cannot cover your mistakes. So you must know what you are doing."
                      - Z. L. Feng


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