Friday, June 8, 2018

The Captain and the Ambassador by Carol Ann Kauffman

Ambassador Tull Redmond is looking for a quick ride home back to Earth after ending her twenty-year mission as peace negotiator. 

All she wants is peace, quiet, and to be left alone. She boards the Earth Starship Giuseppe Verdi with its questionable leader, Captain Ben Jacobs anyway. It's the fastest way home. 

Her quarters has a full bath, a space view window, and a large, real bed! How bad could this rule-breaking, authority-defying Captain Casanova be? 

High Council hates him, true, but his crew loves him. Surely, she's too old and tired to be drawn into this bad boy of the quadrant's personal circus. 

Will Ambassador Redmond get the quiet, uneventful ride home she craves?


"Kauffman gives a try at sci-fi and it's an amazing story!
I love how Captain Ben Jacobs handles the situations, one of which he loses his ship and is going to get court-martialled. He is a very strong and compassionate man, who is willing to save Ambassador Tull Redmond's husband from certain death; especially since he was reported dead and the Captain and Ambassador fell in love.
You have to read how marvelous this book is written. I highly recommend it!"
                                                  -Amazon Review

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