Thursday, March 7, 2019

ART: MCP Nature Photography Show

My husband William is center stage in this photo. I can't begin to thank him for his constant support and willingness to follow me on any and every adventure, mild or crazy, local or out of the country, whether it be photographic, gathering research for a new book, animal rescue, or tree rescue, (don't ask) or to simple lay on the beach with me while I collect my thoughts. I am a lucky lady.

Mill Creek Park, Fellows Riverside Gardens is presently holding their annual Nature Photography Exhibit in the Weller Gallery until March 24, 2019.
Photographers from around the area have some of their best work displayed here. The variety is endless and breathtaking as you stroll through the Weller Gallery.

This blue piece to the right reminded be so much of a Chihuly art piece. Dale Chihuly is America's foremost glass master and one of my favorites. Once you see a Chihuly, you'll understand.

As someone who aims and shoots, I am amazed and enthralled with the special effects some of our local amateur photographers possess. Of course, they DO they the ever-gorgeous Mill Creek Park to work with! 

This piece, entitled Artist's Path, is very special to me. There is a spot along the Artist's Path where a large flat rock juts out into the creek. When I was in college, that flat rock was one of my favorite studying spot. I would sit on the rock, open a book, and get some of my best studying done there. Only once did I slip into the creek and had to go to class wet. 

Of course, not all the photos are of Mill Creek Metro Park and not all are landscapes.  The category is Nature.  The Grand Canyon was represented as well.
Birds, butterflies, and flowers were also well represented.

The Weller Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you're in the area, I urge you to stop in and take a look at what we have here in the Mahoning Valley. Mill Creek Park is the gem of the valley. 

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