Thursday, May 2, 2013

Episode Fourteen Jump

Episode Fourteen    Jump

    "Here," he stopped at a door.  "He's in here."  Werner opened the door.  Jakson was tied in a chair, lower lip bleeding, right cheek bruised.  Definitely roughed up.
    “Jaks!” she screamed.  Samantha quickly glanced out the window as she ran to him.  She straddled him and sat on his lap in the chair and began putting pressure on his lip wound with some tissues she found in her pocket.  He said nothing, but his warm brown eyes caressed her lovingly.  And there was something else in his eyes she couldn’t quite read.   Something sad maybe.   
    “Werner, may I have a private moment alone with my husband, please?”
    “What?” laughed Werner.  “You’ve got to be joking!  Absolutely not!  No!”
    “What do you think we’re going to do?  Jump out the damn window?  You want my continued cooperation, don’t you?  I have no problem helping you.  You could’ve just asked me instead of playing ambush at the drugstore.  Give me a few minutes alone with my husband.”
    “Five minutes, Mrs. Blake.  And we will be standing right here outside the door.”  Werner closed the door.  She kissed him, reached behind him, and untied him.  
    “Come on,” she whispered with a devilish grin.  She led him to the window.
    “What are you up to?  What are we going to do?”
    “No!  Sam!  NO!  This is crazy!  We’ll break our legs!  And then, they’ll kill us.”  She took his hand and jumped, pulling him down with her.  They landed on the awning below and slide down to the edge, jumping to the sidewalk.  Jakson was apprehensive.
“Samantha!  Have you lost your mind?  And how did you even know there was an awning?”
    “Run!  Been here before.  There’s a great little vintage clothes shop up here on the left.”  She took off, crossed the street, and ducked into a small shop.  He followed her in.
    “We need help.  Clothes.  Disguise.”
    “No.  Abusive ex-husband.  The bastard just won’t leave me alone.  And if he catches us, he’ll kill him, and HE’S a very good man,” she said nodding toward Jakson.
    “In here,” said the sympathetic older woman and ushered them into a back room.  She eyed Samantha.
    “Size ten?”  Samantha nodded and the woman disappeared.  In a few minutes, she came back with clothes for Samantha and a long auburn wig, stretchy flats, and a big handbag.
    “Now, you, you tall drink of water,” she turned to Jakson, “you’re going to be a problem.”
    Samantha dressed in the new clothes.
    “Do you have a credit card on you?”  He nodded and pulled it out to show her.
    “Good.  Give it to her.  And I mean GIVE.”  He nodded.
    “Got it.”
    The woman came back in with a long coat, baseball cap, sunglasses, jeans and a Beatles tee shirt.
    “This is the best I could come up with.”
    “Thank you,” said Jakson, handing her his credit card.  “We can’t use it anymore.  It’ll be traced.  Use it.  Buy yourself something really nice.  From us, as a little thank you for helping us.  We truly appreciate your help.”  Jakson slid into a fitting room and emerged looking very cool.
    “Here,” the woman jammed some cash into Jakson’s hand.           “Lunch money.  Take good care of her.  And good luck to you two.”  Jakson nodded.
    Jakson took Samatha’s hand as they left the shop and walked down the street.

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