Monday, April 29, 2013

Episode Eleven    A Little Present

    "Sam?  Samantha?  Where are you?" he called.
    "I'm out on the balcony, Jaks" she called.   He rushed to the balcony and gave her a gentle kiss.  
    “Close your eyes.  I have a little present for you.  Here,” he handed her a tiny box.  “It’s just something little.  It’s something you saw in a magazine.  Before you got sick.  You thought it was pretty.  So I ordered it for you.  It just came in.”
    “Jaks!  I can’t remember anything.”
    “I know.  Just guess.”
    “Okay.  You said ‘it’, so it’s one, not a pair, like earrings.”
    “You’d rather earrings?  You did find your jewelry box, didn’t you?”
    “Yes, I did.  Beautiful pieces in there, I love every one of them, but you told me to guess, so I’m just guessing.  It's too small for a bracelet.”
    “Maybe you should just open it and quit guessing.”
    “Honey, whatever it is, if YOU bought it for me, I’ll love it.”
    “Open it.  You’re killing me here,” he said.  She giggled and opened the box, eyes still closed.
    “It’s a pendant on a chain.  It’s… its a little heart!  Can I open my eyes now?”
    “Yes.  And look, Love, it’s engraved with our names and our wedding date, so you won't… forget.  It may look like silver, but it’s platinum, so it won’t tarnish or discolor.”
    “Aw, how sweet!  I love it!  Put it on me.  I’ll wear it always,” she kissed him.  
    “Oh!  I’ve really missed those kisses of yours.”
    “Really?”  She kissed him again.  “How much?”
    “Terribly.  Achingly.  They’re wonderful kisses, you know.  And highly addictive.”
    “We could… continue this inside… if you want.”
    “What, you don’t want to make love to me right here on the balcony, Mr. Blake?”
    “Mrs. Blake, I'm British, and rather reserved.  But if you insist!”  He closed in on her.
    “No, we’ll go inside.  I wouldn’t want to give dear, sweet, old Mrs.Watchter a heart attack.”
    “So, you remember the old woman in the condo across the way from us, but you don’t remember me?  Am I so damn forgettable?”  He held his head in his hands, pretending to be devastated.  “I am crushed.  So crushed.  I need… more kisses.  Lots of kisses.  Tons of kisses.”
    “Oh yea?”  She giggled.  “And just where would you like those kisses, Mr. Blake?”
    “In the bedroom.”  They made their way to the bed and got comfortable.  Jakson pulled her close to him and kissed her forehead.
    “Jaks, we got married on the beach, right?  I think I’m starting to remember.”
    “Really?  That’s wonderful!  Yes, we got married at the Sheraton right up the beach from here.  Tell me what you remember, Sweetheart.”  He hugged her.
    “I remember… gardenias.  I remember the beautiful fragrance from my bouquet.  It was white gardenias.  I remember Mr. Pendleton and I walking out the back door of the hotel and down the stone walkway to the beach.  He said he was so happy for us.  I remember seeing you near the shore waiting for me, smiling, looking so handsome in your white dinner jacket.  Folding chairs on either side filled with happy people.  Familiar happy faces, no names.  I remember Annette was our maid of honor.  She wore yellow.  She looked stunning.  She carried yellow roses.  And Tom!  Tom was our best man.  I remember Father Guido.  I also remember that was the very first time I ever saw you nervous.  And so excited.  Just so filled with love and joy.  I’d never seen a happier groom in my whole life.  You were absolutely bubbling over with emotion.”

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