Saturday, May 4, 2013

Episode Sixteen In the Kingdom of Robesson

Episode Sixteen  In the Kingdom of Robesson

    “Isabella!  Bella!  Are you hurt?”  An older man with long grey-white hair dressed in a flowing white robe over a green gown and wearing a beautiful golden crown hugged Sam gently.  “I honestly felt that you were lost to me forever, My Precious Child.  I feared you were dead.”
    “Father!  No, I’m fine.”
    “You look, uh, very bizarre.”  She pulled off the red wig, tousled her hair, and smiled at him.
    “Ah, there’s my girl!  Tell me, Bella, did you recognize any of your captors?”
    “No, Father.  But everything is all confused.  I feel like I’ve been tugged and dragged and pulled apart.  And I have a nasty headache.”
    “That is to be expected.  That damn mirror transporter jangled your brainwaves.  Rest a bit, My Child, and then we’ll have something to eat.  Cook made soup.  And then, maybe I can help you unravel some of your confusion.  I’m sure you’ll want to dress in something a little more, uh, um, appropriate.”
    “Yes, Father.”
    “Justin! Cora!  Come here!  Bella is home!”  Justin and Cora came running. 
    “Please accompany Isabella to her room, and stay close to her.”  The three walked down the hall and up the stairs holding hands with Bella in the middle.
    “You’re safe now, Bella.  Justin and I will protect you.  Are you okay?” Cora whispered as she hugged her.
    “Yes, I’m fine.  Confused, tired, and I have a nasty headache.  But I’m okay.”
    “Good, I’ve missed you very much, my friend.”
    “I’ve missed you, too, Cora, but I don’t think I’m …”  Justin opened a door and Cora and Isabella went in.
    “We were so worried about you!  What can I get for you?” 
    “Nothing, Cora.  Cora, listen to me, I don’t think I am Isabella.”
    “Oh, of course, you are!  Who else could you be?  You’ve just had your brainwaves jangled.  Your father said this was likely to happen.  It’s the mirror transport.  He would like you to rest.  You have been through a harrowing experience.”
    “No, Cora.  This is more than brain jangles.  I’m Samantha Blake.  Sam.  Do you know what happened to me?”
    “Wouldn’t you rather rest and hear the official Robesson version from your father?”
    “No.  I want to know what you know first, the unofficial version that resembles the truth more than the official royal version.  Come on, Cora.  He’ll never know what you tell me.”
    “Well, all right,” Cora plopped down on the sofa.  “The high and mighty, smelly old Count James of Henderson came to the king with news that you had been targeted by the Galtari Nationals.  They were going to kidnap and murder you.  So the king hid you on an off-planet, some bizarre modern place, Earth he called it.  These Earthites look just like us, I hear.  I begged him to send me with you.  Justin and I both wanted to come with you, so you wouldn’t be all alone, but he said no.  Then he was informed that you had been abducted from your secret hiding place by the Galt tracker who was sent to kill you.  We all feared for your life.  Many thought you were already dead.  But your father never gave up hope.  The king has been sending raiding parties to the off-planet in search of you every day for over a year.”
    “Thank you, Cora.  I think I’ll take a nap now.  I have a pounding headache.”

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