Monday, April 29, 2013


Carol Ann Kaufman

When Nicole decided to step back into life in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico with Richard, a young British actor who professed his love for her on a daily basis, she mistook his enthusiasm for little more than youthful impetuousness.  She had no idea their unlikely, unconventional love would span the continents and more than a decade of their lives entwining them closer and closer, while career, family, and unforeseen circumstances pulled them farther apart.

This first book in the supernatural love story series, Time After Time, follows a pair of lovers their lifetimes together.

Excerpts of Reviews:

"... a truly epic romantic novel, spanning over ten years in time.  It crosses the United States and the Atlantic to England, Ireland, and Italy, and even a trip to Aruba.  It is a true tale of the Power of Love here and beyond.  If you enjoy romantic novels interspersed with action and the occasional quip that makes you smile, you'll enjoy this book."
                                                                             - 5 stars by Jeannie 49

"This is a fun, intricately plotted story of two lovers on a wild ride.  I especially enjoyed the tenderness of the love scenes and the candid treatment of the May/December relationship."
                                                                            - 5 stars from Emilia D.

"Good reading with lots of action and locations all  over the globe."
                                                                            - 5 stars from Erika B.

"... a beautiful story, it reminded me of 'The English Patient'."
                                                                            - 5 stars from Salsa T.

Carol's work is available at  for the kindle.  Visit her author page, Carol Ann Kauffman, on Facebook.

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