Monday, June 17, 2013

Excerpt from THE BASLICATO


“Dr. Wilson, Police Chief Whitecliff is here to see to you.”
“Send him right in, Hillary.”
“Tommy!  Hi, honey.  How are you today?”  He came in and hugged her, kissing her forehead.
“Good, Brook.”
“And Brenda?  And the kids? “
“Yes, we’ll all fine.  We haven’t seen you for over a week.  You really busy?”
“Yes!  Swamped, in fact.   Did Violet get that package I sent over for her?  It was the science fair supplies.” 
“Yes, Violet was thrilled.  Thanks, Sweetie.  And even though you’re overworked, you’re looking particularly wonderful today.”  He paused for a moment, just looking at her.  “Brook, I need to know if the Maxwell kid is a patient in your hospital.”
“Tommy!  Have you ever heard of a confidentiality agreement?”
“May I take that as a yes?”
“NO!  You may take it as a ‘please don’t use our personal relationship to pry information out of me.’  Tommy, what do you want, honey, tell me.  Just blurt it out.”

“I want him out of here, Brook.  I NEED him out of here.  I don’t want a damn pack of crazed paparazzi descending upon my nice, quiet, little town like locusts, causing mayhem for my nice, quiet average little citizens.  I want that million dollar Italian celebrity race car-driving, hard-drinking, ass-pinching superstar out of my town!”
“Okay.  Done.  Now go away, Tommy.  I have tons of work to do 
and I’m really in a time crunch, honey.” 
“You mean it, Brook?” 
“Yes, Chief Whitecliff, I can’t be bothered keeping my stories straight, therefore I just don’t lie.  Remember?”
“I know you don’t.  Thanks, Baby.  You’re the best.”

“Oh, I bet you say that to all your ex-wives, Tommy Whitecliff.”
“No, I don’t!” he laughed.  “Only you.  Take care, honey.  Thanks.  Love you.”  
“Too.  Kiss your kids for me.  Tell them I’ll come over and see them soon.  Things are crazy busy around here right now.”
“Will do.”

THE BASLICATO is available on  Carol Ann Kauffman

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