Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Movies have been a source of inspiration for many of my art works.  Science-fiction films, namely those dealing with space and the universe, are particularly appealing because they delve into what may be possible as opposed to what is real.  One such movie that I found innensely inspiring is the 1997 cult film, EVENT HORIZON

The science-fiction horror movie takes place in 2047, when the Lewis & Clark, a rescue vessel, is sent to answer a distress signal from the starship Event Horizon, which disappeared on it's maiden voyage to Proxima Centauri seven years before.  The Event Horizon was built to test an experimental gravity drive which generates a black hole to use the immense gravitational power to bridge two points in spacetime, greatly reducing the time to travel astronomical distances.

Upon arriving at the ship's decaying orbit around Neptune, a crew boards the Event Horizon in search of survivors only to find evidence of a horrific massacre.  While searching the ship, it's gravity drive automatically activates and one of the rescue party is pulled into the resulting portal, only to be returned in a catatonic state.  What he had witnessed in that crossover later haunts him and he attempts suicide and is then put into stasis. The activation of the gravity drive causes a massive shockwave which critically damages the Lewis & Clark forcing the rest of its crew to board the Event Horizon.

The rescue crew deciphers a video log showing the EH's crew going insane and mutilating each other.  They then come to the conclusion that the gravity drive did successfully open a gateway in spacetime, but it leapt outside the known universe into another dimension that could only be described as pure chaos and pure evil.  By this time, the Event Horizon has taken on an evil sentience and telepathic abilities, tormenting the crew with the aim of forcing them to return to that chaos and evil hell.

The evil presence takes control of one of the crew, who systematically kills off almost all of them.  The remaining three fight to stay alive and resolve to return the Event Horizon back to it's original dimension.  Explosives installed on the EH are detonated splitting the ship in two, sucking the rear half into a wormhole.  72 days later another rescue ship locates them, finding the remaining crew in stasis.

The composition featured above is aptly titled "EVENT" by Parker Kaufman.  It is 8.5 x 11.0 inhces, composed of layered cardstock, computer enhanced images, and Prisma-color pencil.

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