Wednesday, June 26, 2013



There is in every artist the ability to see things in the world, not as they always are, but as what they might also be. Portraying everyday objects using other unrelated objects in that display continues to be one of my favorite processes in creating art.

Hence, I came up with the idea of creating organic art in the literal sense.  I created this series of 5 note cards with the idea of putting a bit of a twist into the design.  At first glance the viewer sees what appear to be flowers, but upon closer examination one will find that the flowers are actually made up of organs of the human body.

The inspiration came from browsing a clipart software program.  Going through the "medical" category I came across images of various organs and body parts.  In the series above I used eyes, spleens, pancreases, ears, and rib cages to form the flowers. This simplicity of the design helps in disguising what is really there.

Each note card is 6 x 9 in, textured cardstock, and computer enhanced images.  To view a larger image of these works, go to

Notecard series 2012  by Parker Kaufman

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