Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Nature is the original artist.  Her portraits are never duplicated, endlessly and unsuccessfully copied, and always breathtaking.  To capture nature in the process of creating such beautiful art, takes patience and a good eye....and being in the right place at the right time.

I'm pleased to present photos of nature at work, exquisitely captured by my good friend Francois Peladeau.  I have been privvy to his awesome photographic skills and my social network page and personal photo gallery are full of his work.

Mr Peladeau is a French Canadian, living in Vancouver, BC.  In his travels around the city, he shoots much of the urban landscape, weaving a story that mere words cannot tell.  He captures the emotion of urban life, giving a soul to his shots.  His interest in architecture, specifically skyscrapers,is also a large theme in his repetoire.  But from all of his thousands of  photos, the most impressive, stunning, and emotional are the sunsets. 

From the balcony of his high-rise residence in downtown Vancouver, he films an endless stream of changing evening sky.  The set of photos above are prime examples of the artistry of nature and Francois' talent.

You can see more of his amazing work on his Flickr page at   I hope that you will take time to check out his work.  I guarantee a wonderful experience.

Photos used with permission of Francois Peladeau who retains ownership of these and any other photos of his used on this blog.

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