Friday, July 26, 2013

Another excerpt from THE BASLICATO

The Maxwell jet was fueled and ready for take-off.  Thad and Jason were loading the luggage when a police cruiser driven by Police Chief Whitecliff pulled up near Dr. Wilson.  He got out and stomped up to her. 

“Brook, what in the hell are you doing?”
“I’m going to Italy, Tommy.”
“No.  That’s a very bad idea,” he said firmly.
“No.  It’s a very good idea,” she answered calmly.
“No.  I can’t watch out for you if you’re a million miles away from me.”
“Italy is a lot closer than you think, Tommy.  I think it’s only about six thousand miles from here to Tursi, Italy, not a million.  I’ll be fine.  Don’t worry about me.  I’m not going alone.  I’m with Thad and Jason Maxwell.”
“Oh, and THAT makes me feel so much better!”
“Tommy, just relax.  Jason is my patient.”
“I don’t like this one bit.”
“I know you don’t, honey.  Calm down.  I’ll be home soon.  I’ll call you.  I’ll buy you a really nice Italian silk tie while I’m there.”
“And where in the hell am I going to wear a really nice Italian silk tie?  I don’t want a really nice Italian silk tie!  I want you not to go.  Don’t go!”
“Bye, Tommy.  Kiss the kids and tell them I love them.  Go home, Big Guy.”  She walked away from him.
“Love you.”
“I know.  Too!” she called back.
Roy, the pilot, had filed the appropriate flight plan and the three passengers boarded.  The passengers sat quietly.  Chief Whitecliff waved them off.
“I am pleasantly surprised to see that local law enforcement is here for Jason’s protection.  That’s terrific.  Garrett’s doing, I presume.  He is so thorough!”
“No.  That’s Police Chief Thomas Whitecliff, my ex-husband.  He was here seeing me off.  And not too happy about me flying off to Italy with the Maxwell boys.” 
“You are one interesting woman, Dr. Brook Nicole Wilson.”  Thad laughed.
“Because my ex-husband is a six foot four inch Navajo who just happens to be the Chief of Police in Vistaverde, Utah, and is still very protective of his ex-wife?”
“That, among other things,” he smiled again.

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