Thursday, August 1, 2013

Excerpt from BLUE LAKE

    Later that evening, Nicole accompanied Richard to the airport for his trip back to London.  He was quiet.
     “Wasn’t it Mark Antony who said,  ‘Pitiful is the man who makes love his master’?  I finally understand what he meant," Richard observed.  “Nicole, I’m sorry.  Can you forgive me for poor behavior?  I came to find you.  One drink for courage.  Next thing I knew…”  he said sheepishly, looking down at the floor.  She smiled at him, lighting him up from the inside.
    “Yes, I can forgive you.  But you didn’t need a drink for courage.  You are a brave man.  I’m glad you came to find me.  I’m very glad you found me,” she said softly.  
    She was still impressed with his ability to jump in and help.  He was so much MORE than a handsome face with a great voice, and an outstanding lover.  As if that wasn’t enough.  And she really, really missed him when he left.
    “Then could you possibly think about giving us another chance?” He might as well give it a try.  He couldn’t help himself.  He may never get another opportunity.  He was suddenly optimistic.  He moved a little closer.
    “Oh, maybe.”
    “You know, you’ve totally ruined me.  If I can’t have you, then I want no one, because no other woman can compare to you.  You are remarkable.  The more I know you, the more remarkable you are.  Every day I find out something new about you that simply amazes me.”
    “Okay.  Yes.”
    He was ecstatic, kissing her hands, her nose, her forehead, all while his mind raced to formulate a plan.  He held her tightly in his arms.
    “Can you meet me in Ireland on April 22nd?”
    “April 22nd?  That’s my birthday!”  Nicole laughed.  “Oh, Richard, you don’t give up, do you?”
    “No, I won’t give up on us.  Ever.  And I’m glad you finally realized it!  Maybe now you’ll make it a little easier on me.  Have you ever been to Ireland?”
    “Do you already have pressing, important birthday plans with family? Friends?”
    “Well, then it would be my pleasure to celebrate your birthday with you in Ireland.  I will be done filming the first part in London by then.  I plan to go home for ten days or so to visit my family.  Come to southern Ireland.  Meet my family.  You will like them.  They’re lovely.  They are nothing like me.  I’ll email you a ticket and all the details.   Fly from Dublin into Duncan and I will be waiting for you at the little local airport there.”
    “Have a safe trip, Honey,” she said.  He kissed her and held her close.
    “I’ll call you as soon as I land.  I love you,” he said.
    “I love you,” she answered.

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