Friday, August 9, 2013

Waiting for Richard


The series, TIME AFTER TIME, follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, in different places, in different times, with different names and faces and sometimes even on other planets.  This follows the alternative theory that the relationships we forge in this lifetime, both the good and the bad, are continued into the future, and are rooted deeply in our past. Whatever we do, whomever we love, and the good and evil deeds we do today follow us into the future. Unsettled issues will present themselves again and again, until they are ultimately resolved. Those people who have had a profound effect on us in this lifetime will find us again in the future.  And although everything changes, love remains.

Books in the TIME AFTER TIME series are: BLUE LAKE, BELTERRA,
The BASLICATO, BENTLEY SQUARE, WAITING FOR RICHARD, and LORD OF BLAKELEY.  They do not need to be read in order.

When pleasant, efficient Skye McKenna retires from her job as insurance company office manager in Ohio, she imagines devoting herself full-time to her career as a children’s author, with calm, sunny, peaceful days planning, researching, and writing about a little elephant named Captain Pachy, the Wacky Pachyderm.  When her friend is seriously injured by a gunshot wound after they go out to dinner, Skye tries to help and becomes caught up in the mystery at home.  At first she resists a book tour to Australia.  But when she finally makes the trip down under, she finds herself involved in madcap adventures to help her friend back home, as well as an unexpected romance with renowned elephant authority, Dr. Derrick Williams, the reclusive elephant-loving veterinarian who has a people-hating reputation and is full of surprises.   

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