Sunday, September 1, 2013


Andrea Dezso, a Romanian-born artist based in New York is an immense talent who moves easily between mediums.  Using traditional media to portray the non-traditional, Dezso's current exhibition, "Without Myself", presents a variety of beautifully crafted works with magnificent detail and enigmatic stories, through ink brush marker paintings, pencil drawings on hand-made papers, paper collage, and acrylic and ink on canvas.  Her creations are beautiful, outlandish, mystical, and absurd, and weave stories with ambiguities that leave the viewers to decipher the narratives for themselves.  The somewhat surrealist quality of her work results from her practice of translating escapist fantasies from her childhood into visual form.

"Without Myself" by Andrea Dezso runs Sept 12 - Oct 13, 2013 at Nancy Margolis Gallery, 523 W 25th St, NY, NY.
Image above "Gathering In The Night" 2013, by Andrea Dezso

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