Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Comic book artist and graphic novelist, Daniel Clowes, who prefers the moniker, "cartoonist", has nearly 50 publications to his credit.  He is also a magazine illustrator regularly producing for "The New Yorker" and an Oscar nominated screenwriter.

"Modern Cartoonists:  The Art of Daniel Clowes"  is the first museum retrospective of Clowes's work and features in excess of 125 original drawings and artifacts elegantly combining current graphic style and shades of Victorian parlor.  The exhibition first appeared at the Oakland Museum of California Art and will be expanded significantly for the Chicago show..

Clowes gained public attention in the late 1980's through the comic book series "Eightball", the venue where most of his major works were first seen.  The series continued into 2004, garnering a huge following and numerous awards.

A full-color monograph titled "Modern Cartoonists:  The Art of Daniel Clowes",  published by Abram Comic Art, accompanies the exhibition which is running now through Oct 13, 2013, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Image above, "Eightball 18"  1977, by Daniel Clowes.  Gouache on white board 24.75" x 22.5".

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