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Karl Magneson is an infinitely gifted photo artist.  He left a career in the pharmaceuticals
industry, to pursue his passion working behind the camera lens.  His photography studies  came at the Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX.

Magneson works in the fashion of a consummate chef, using the latest photo and optical technology, seasoning his subject matter with the perfect measure of light and color, blended with generous amounts of humor, serving up a delectable menu of photographic wizardry.  It is a great pleasure to present my interview with Karl here on Vision and Verse.

PK:       " Welcome Karl, we're very excited to have you here on Vision and Verse."

KM:       "Thank you, I'm really excited to be here."

PK:        "Are you ready for this?"

KM:       "Give it to me with both barrels."

PK:       "You left a great career in pharmaceuticals; how was the transition to 

KM:       "It was quite an adjustment.  Ok, that's putting it mildly, it was (expletive)
              traumatic!!  The change in lifestyle took some getting used to.  I was
              basically starting a new life.  I had to learn to think less practically, dump the
              the rigidity of corporate thinking."

PK:        "Had you always been interested in photography?"

KM:       "Yes.  I had one of those 35mm film Kodak cameras when I was young.  I took
              pictures of everything.  My mother once said that I took the worst pictures
              because I cut off people's heads and most were out of focus.  I thought they
              were awesome."

PK:        "Were there any photographers that particularly influenced you?"

KM:       " I really admire the work of James Nachtwey and love anything that Annie
              Liebovitz does.  But I think Jerry Uelsman was probably my greatest
              inspiration.  I'm amazed at how he combined 2 or more photos to create
              gorgeous surrealistic work."

PK:        "Your style is not traditional, so how would you describe it?"

KM:       "I would say 'FUN'  would best describe it.  I never wanted to do serious
              photography, there are plenty of great men and women that already do that.
              I like to focus on the beauty of minute details, textures, line, and shape.  I
              want it to appear serious, but be fun, humorous."

PK:        "You describe yourself as a 'photopig'...please explain that for our readers?

KM:       "Ha ha,  I dubbed myself a photopig because I have an enormous collection
              of really amazing and odd photos.  Three fourths of them I've purchased and
              the rest are my own work.  Some people collect books, I collect photos that
              speak like literary volumes."

PK:        "OK, now some fun questions.  Which would you choose?
              Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?"

KM:       "What?"  (laughing)

PK:        "Do you prefer Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?"

KM:       "Well, (expletive) Mayo!!"

PK:        "M&M's or Gummy Bears?"

KM:        (laughing)  "I'm sorry, this is too funny, uh, M&M's."

PK:        "CD's or vinyl albums?"

KM:       "Vinyl."

PK:       "Romantic comedies or action flicks?"

KM:      "Oooh, action flicks!!"

PK:       "You're enjoying this aren't you?  Coffee or Tea?"

KM:       "Yeah, I am, um, coffee."

PK:       "London or Paris?"

KM:      "Gay Paris, definitely!"

PK:       "Fox News or MSNBC?"

KM:      "(expletive) Fox, MSNBC all the way.  Am I gonna get bashed for that?"

PK:       "Nah,  Dogs or cats?"

KM:      "Dogs."

PK:       "What's your favorite holiday?"

KM:       "Christmas!!"

PK:        "What do you do to relax?"

KM:       "I read."

PK:       "What makes you laugh?"

KM:      "Other people laughing."

PK:       "What's your favorite color?"

KM:      "Periwinkle."  (laughing)

PK:       "Musician and name of last song you listened to?"

KM:      "You're going to laugh, but,  Rachmaninoff's 'Rhapsody on a Theme
             of Paganini'."  (laughing)

PK:      "Interesting.  Name and author of the last book you read?"

KM:      "We The Living, by Ayn Rand."

PK:       "What do you do for fun?"

KM:      "I love to garden.  I have an extensive pot garden on my back deck."

PK:       "Pot garden?"

KM:      "Vegetables and herbs in pots.  Sorry, no cannabis.  I guess I should have
             said container garden."   (laughing)

PK:       "Do you have a philosophy that you live by?"

KM:      "Yes, if you have a desire to do something, do it NOW, because if you think
             about it too long you'll talk yourself out of doing it."

PK:       "Any advice for fledgling photographers in our audience?"

KM:      "Fuel your passion for photography through experimentation.  Take chances,
             be bold, step outside of what's comfortable, there's no failure, just growth
             as an artist."

PK:       "Do you have any links to share with our readers?"

KM:      "You can step into my world at"

PK:       "Karl, it's been great having you here on Vision and Verse.  We wish you
             continued success and invite you to come visit us again."

KM:      "Thank you, this has been a great experience....just say the word and I'll
             be back."

Image above, triptych titled, "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Scream Like Hell"  2012,
by Karl Magneson.

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