Thursday, October 10, 2013


Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing landscape photographer.  Edianne Kannady is a corporate marketing specialist by day and moonlights as a "just-for-fun"  shutterbug.  She has quite an eye for capturing nature's stunning beauty in panoramic photos.  Recently I sat down with Edianne for the delightful interview below.

PK:     "Welcome to Vision & Verse, Edianne. It was very gracious of you to accept our
           invitation for an interview."

EK:     "Thank you, it's wonderful to be here and to see you again...and please call me

PK:     "Ok, would you tell our readers how you got involved in photography?"

EK:     "Sure, it all kind of came together after a vacation many years ago.  I fell in love
           with the landscapes of Yosemite National Park.  I had a simple film camera that
           took pretty decent pictures.  I had some of those enlarged and framed and the
           next thing I knew the photo bug had bitten me and I bought a nicer camera and
           here I am."

PK:     "I notice that your panoramas are characteristically simple compositions.  Is that

EK:     "Actually yes.  After taking hundreds of photos, I found that the less "clutter"
           in a picture the more you're able to appreciate the real beauty of the shot.  In
           this case, less really is more."

PK:     "Your photos are fabulous and quite popular with those who know your work, but
          you've refrained from taking them public.  Why is that?"

EK:     "They say I'm crazy, but my photography is very personal to me.  It's my world
           to escape into.  As meditation is personal to one who practices it, that's how I
           view my photos.  Now, I'm not completely selfish (laughing).  I do give my
           photos as gifts to family and fact I think you possess one or two of

PK:     "Yes I do.  One of them is featured with this interview..  Is there any one place that
           you've photographed that you would consider your favorite?"

EK:     "That's a tough one, but I really love the uncomplicated terrain of the Great
           Salt Lake and the Grand Canyon.  The vastness, the sheer size, both are so
           fascinating to shoot."

PK:     "Ok Edi, this is where we switch gears and torture our interviewees with silly

EK:     "OMG....sounds like fun."

PK:     "What do you like to do outside of your job and your photography?"

EK:     "Sleep!! (laughing)  I really like to make candy, you know, like that rock candy.
            There's something cathartic about smashing it into little pieces."  (laughing)

PK:     "And what do you dislike or avoid doing?"

EK:     "Oh god, I hate, hate, hate, cleaning the bathroom?"

PK:     "Who is your favorite photographer?"

EK:     "Me!  (laughing)  no, seriously, I love Annie Liebovitz."

PK:     "Who influenced your life most?"

EK:     "My dad.  I watched him struggle through hard times, losing his job, and doing
           whatever he could to provide for his family.  I put that determination into
           everything that I do."

PK:     "Ok, now the lightning round of one-word answers.  Which do you prefer?
           Coffee or tea?"

EK:     "Coffee."

PK:     "Dogs or cats?"

EK:     "Dogs."

PK:     "Drive or fly?"

EK:     "Drive."

PK:     "London or Paris?"

EK:     "Paris."

PK:     "Winter or summer?"

EK:     "Summer....up north.  (laughing)

PK:     "Bounty or Brawny?"

EK:     "OMG....Brawny."

PK:     "E-mail or Snail mail?"

EK:     "E-mail."

PK:     "Action flick or Romantic Comedy?"

EK:     "Action flick."

PK:     "Name and author of the last book you read?"

EK:     "Life After Life: A Novel,  by Kate Atkinson."

PK:     "What words do you live by?"

EK:     "I don't take myself too seriously, I don't sweat the small stuff, and I turn
           everything I do into an adventure."

PK:     "Any final words of wisdom for our readers?"

EK:     "Just find your passion in life and live it to the fullest."

PK:     "Thank you Edi, it's been a delight having you here with us.  We're looking
           forward to seeing your future photos.  Much success in all that you do."

EK:     "Thank you so much.....can we do this again real soon?"  (laughing)

                                                                  Edianne Kannady

                     Panorama image above, "Ayers Rock, Austrailia,  by Edianne Kannady

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