Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Carol's Favorite Interviews from the Last Year, Part One

This morning I was planning on posting my favorite interview from this past year as part of our reflective "look back" on this journey called
Vision and Verse.  Well, the year in review proved to be  much more difficult because some of these strangers  have become friends, people I "talk to" every day, those I go to for advice, or kindly give it, or people I just laugh myself silly with, so instead of one interview, here is a parade of people I've interviewed who are very special to me.

My artist friend, Shirley Ann McElhaney, who allowed me to practice my interviewing skills on her, a fabulous artist, a gracious and beautiful lady, and a good friend.

When I was just starting out I had an online giveaway for one of my eBooks on Facebook.  And nobody wanted it!  Nothing like having something you are so proud of and no one else sees any value in it, but that is a very real part of independent authorship.  We each stand alone.  A few minutes before I closed the giveaway, fellow indie author Eric deBlackmere commented "I do," and became my "man of the hour."  Eric writes in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien and we have been lucky enough to have a little sneak peek at his book here on Vision and Verse.

The lovely Lacey Dearie's book BAKED, about a doughnut who fell in love with an eclair, just seems to be my kind of book.  She is also the author of the LEGER series, about a cat detective.  Leger has taken the US by storm.  Vision and Verse fans love this little Scottish firecracker, and so do I.  Lacey invited me, featuring my race car driver novel, THE BASLICATO, and it was great fun.

The mysterious Loretta Laird wrote a book that completely pulled me into the world of the PASSERS.  She also writes in the J.R.R. Tolkien style and the Passers needs to be made into a movie.  It is a story of love, of course, but also of duty and betrayal.  A must read.

                                                     (To Be Continued Tomorrow)


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