Friday, June 20, 2014

First Waterlily of the Summer

Dear Gentle Readers,

I'd like to share with you this morning the first waterlily of the season down at the pond.  The pond area is the perfect place to write, with the sound of the waterfalls and the tweeting of a variety of  native birds. We lost quite a few trees this past winter due to the polar vortex.  We lost the entire row of skyrocket junipers.  The river birch and the dappled willow didn't survive, and most of my roses died, so we really wondered how the waterlilies fared.  But they seem to be doing fine.  This little pink beauty above is even early!
Have a great weekend.  Enjoy a good book.  May I suggest:

                          Baked! by Lacey Dearie
                          The Angler and The Owl by Viv Drewa
                          The White Room by Mindy Haig
                          Lord of Blakeley by Carol Ann Kauffman


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