Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just in Case!

While posting yesterday's short piece on the first waterlily of the summer, I had some technological difficulties and the site crashed twice.  I did manage to get everything up and running, but the published post had little blue squares with question marks in them.  Now, guys, I am a writer.  I am not a techno-person, and I remember Parker and I did have some problems with inabilities to save or post back in 2013 when we first started Vision and Verse. These problems only arise when there are no tech support people around!  The problems, including screenshots, have been reported and they are working on correctly the problem.   In the event I cannot get the site up and running, I will publish the day's post at


in the blog section of my author website so as not to disappoint the author or artist scheduled for that day.  Reposting to Vision and Verse will then be re-scheduled once the problem is corrected.  This is only a "just in case" scenario. 


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