Monday, December 8, 2014

Retreat from Civilization and Into Fandom by Nathan Barra

A Retreat from Civilization and Into Fandom

When I was growing up, I spent many of my weekends and most of my breaks from school at the cabin my family owned in the Appalachian Mountains. My father had always dreamed of owning a second home, and viewed the retreat as a refuge from the stress of his work and the world in general. As such, my parents chose to limit the cabin’s connectivity. As we had neither internet nor TV, time at the cabin was spent reading, watching movies and talking about what had been going on in our lives. For me, the cabin became a place of stories.
During our longer breaks, such as around Christmas, my family would marathon movies and TV. By sharing stories, we found joy not only in the moment, but also in our ability to discuss and be fans together. It brought us closer as a family and formed bonds that stay strong even though I live half way across the continent. When I remember those stories, rewatch and relive them, I remember Christmas breaks with my parents and brother and feel closer to them.
That is the power of stories. That is why I write, and one part of the difference I hope to make in the world.

Though Nathan Barra is an engineer by profession, training and temperament, he is a storyteller by nature and at heart. Fascinated with the byplay of magic and technology, Nathan is drawn to urban fantasy and soft science fiction in both his reading and writing. He has been known, however, to wander off into other genres for "funzies." He is an active blogger, not only on his own site,, but also with a group blog called the Fictorians ( Nathan is always up for a good conversation, so please drop him a line through his contact page, or write on his Facebook wall (

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