Friday, April 24, 2015

54,000 Pageview Milestone for Vision and Verse

Dear Gentle Readers,

I returned from a harrowing day at the vet with my sweet dachshund, KC, to happily discover Vision and Verse had surpassed the 54,000 Pageview Milestone.

For all of you all over the world who stop in daily to see what's happening, I thank you. The idea that you found a book, an author, or an artist who piqued your interest through Vision and Verse is very satisfying to me.

Vision and Verse, begun two years ago on April 15, has no illusions of grandeur. Simple is our format. Simple is our mission. If we move you occasionally by content, we have done our job.

May scheduling is shaky at best, so bear with me. My husband is having some repair work surgery and I am facing jury duty. Neither one of those events follow a timeline. I will do my best to post, but hospitals and courtrooms are not conducive to mobile posting and electronics are banned in most instances. 

Again, thank you for showing up. You are appreciated. 


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