Monday, April 20, 2015

The Right Kiss by Giulietta Spudich

Dear Gentle Readers,

Book Two in the Monday Mystery Society is out!  The Right Kiss by Giulietta Spudich is a sweet love story about one woman's personal journey into love. Janie is a successful professional editor in her thirties who has conformed to the idea that she has no love life. She joined the Monday Mystery Society to enjoy a good Victorian mystery and meet some likeminded people. Soon she finds herself with two love interests and must decide whether to let someone into her life or not, and which one of these men was worth the wait. 

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Book Description:
Janie is a confident, professional editor in her thirties … when she’s not around men. The opposite sex sends her into frazzled and tongue-tied states of being. She prefers the company of her best friend Sharon Hall, or no company at all, and is largely alone. 
When she joins the Monday Mystery Society book club, she hopes to make connections with other Oakville residents through literature, especially Victorian mysteries. Little does she know that at the book club, there is a tendency to find love in unexpected places … 
Will she let go of her cool personality and let love in? Or will she run from the sudden affection of two different men and disappear into her favorite stories, alone and lonely? 

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