Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Art of Suzan Drummen

Rarely has an artist's work dazzled me in the way Suzan Drummen's pieces do! They are kaleidoscopic, intricate, three-dimensional patterns that resemble vivid textile art.

Suzan Drummen, a Dutch visual artist, was born in 1963 in the Netherlands. She studied in Maastricht and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and in Rome, Italy. 

Suzan likes to challenge the viewer to explore how artwork can both attract you and repel you, drawing you into the deeply ornate pattern. 


Suzan has a Facebook page, but it is written in Dutch. Many sites sell her fantastic artwork, but have very little information about the artist herself. 

I would love to sit down with her and ask her the typical Vision and Verse Interview questions, coffee or tea, pizza or ice cream, etc., but I cannot seem to get close enough to gather any little glimmers of who Suzan Drummen is and what makes this fabulous artist tick.

For now, my gentle readers, just remember the name Suzan Drummen, Dutch visual artist extraordinaire. You will be hearing more about her.


  1. Thank you for exposing me to something new and lovely!

    1. My pleasure, Intangible. Suzan Drummen's work is a joy to look at. Thanks for stopping by Vision and Verse.