Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Cover for Andrea Barbosa's Massive Black Hole

Nominated and listed as one of the 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading of 2013/2014 (reader-voted top 5 in literary fiction) at ReadFree.ly website (formerly known as Indie Author Land). 

At 18, Cibele, a student from Rio de Janeiro, moves to New York, where she meets precocious Amy, a young scholar whose goal in life is to study sciences and astrophysics. 

When she visits the Art Museum, Cibele is impressed by a particular painting depicting hell. Her horror of the image grows when Amy introduces her to astronomy, and she associates the fearful black hole to an entrance into that terrifying hell. Lost and confused about her life, she meets ambitious Agatha from Texas, who is in New York to pursue a career as a fashion model and they become inseparable. 

While trying to survive and achieve their goals, the three young women question the meaning of life, death, and the existence of hell, and their friendship ultimately turns into a maze of betrayal, jealousy, and selfishness. 

Embark on a spiraling journey through Rio de Janeiro, Texas, and New York to discover the ambitions of three young women looking for the meaning of life. Through a series of events that prompt them to play with each others' destiny, they will face their ultimate challenge: is hell real?

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