Monday, September 19, 2016

Orchids 101

    Dear Gentle Readers,

    Orchids have a reputation for being hard to grow. I have six. If they needed constant fussing or special greenhouse conditions to grow and flourish, mine would be dead. So if you ever had the desire to share your home with one of these exotic beauties, I encourage you to try.

    Orchids are hardy and ancient plants, some say dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. But I read that on the internet, so who knows? Their native habitat is the rainforest, which is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Deforestation. Pollution. Global warming. Each of these could cause orchids to become extinct in a few generations.

    I find them to be a lovely and elegant addition to a room. While some think the African violet may be old-fashioned and mummsie or worse yet, grandmummsie, the orchid is modern and sophisticated. The prices have come down considerably. I've seen them at the grocery store for around ten dollars. I've seen them on sale at Lowe's for 2 for $10.

    If you buy one, remember to keep your new plant isolated from your other plants for a few days, just in case your new plant has a fungus. Also, while orchids like plenty of water, they don't like to sit in it.

    More on orchids and orchid care to come.


    ​Here is a terrific resource site for anyone interested in orchids:

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