Friday, January 20, 2017

A Dilemma for Daisy by Carol Ann Kauffman

Daisy Mazlo faces a dilemma. She’s met the man of her dreams in Cooper MacNeill, a gentleman in every sense of the word, tall, handsome, wealthy, witty, and very interested in her. But Daisy can’t accept his love, so she runs away, moving back to Oakville where she grew up to sort out her feelings. Will the small loving community of her past help her find herself? Will Cooper come after her? Will a letter be pivotal in resolving Daisy’s dilemma? 

Will love win out?

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Format:Kindle Edition
Daisy is warm-hearted and passionate, but she's nobody's fool. She's got a sense of humor, too! While she may be willing to risk everything for love, she's got a brain too, and she's not afraid to use it. I loved this story with its twists and turns and its satisfying end.


As large group of loud, agitated men in business suits were being seated at the table behind her, Daisy heard Cooper’s name mentioned. She listened.

“Yes, I’m sure I saw that slippery con man, Cooper MacNeill, walk in here while I was waiting in the lobby. But I don’t see him anywhere in here,” one man said. “I’m going to look for him.”

“That miserable weasel should be behind bars instead of having dinner in Chicago’s newest and most

exclusive restaurant,” another agreed. “You go look for him. I’ll call the police right now. Let’s nail this criminal.”

She glanced back as the man tapped some numbers into his phone.

“That scam artist manipulated us into making that ridiculous gold-digging oozy Melinda, a very rich woman and made us all look like fools. You know he was sleeping with her. He sleeps with all his so-called clients.”

“He conned our company out of six million dollars. He needs to do some serious jail time.”
“I’d like some private time alone with him before I turn him over to the authorities,” said another.

Daisy pulled out her phone and hit redial to get Cooper’s number.
“Run,” she whispered when he answered. “They’ve called the police. Run. They’re looking for you right 
now. Go!”

“I hate to leave you in there with no way home.”

“Just go. I’ll be okay. I’ll call a cab.”

“No. That’ll stick you with the bill. Luca’s is expensive.”

“I have a credit card on me. I’m okay. Go. Please.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. 
She turned off her phone and put it away.

Daisy poured herself another glass of wine and continued to listen to the loud, angry conversation behind her, detailing Cooper’s line of work and his reputation as a con-man, a scammer, and a grifter. 

She ate the appetizer. She drank her wine. She ate her dinner. Then she drank his wine. She had the waiter box up Cooper’s dinner to take home. She finished up what was left in the wine bottle. She called a cab.

It was a night to remember, all right. 


  1. I think I should have read this already but haven't; so I am going to get it soon. Maybe today.....

    1. This book was a new writing experience for me. The Monday Mystery Society revolved around a book club in a small Ohio town. Each month, the book club participants read and discussed a mystery.Five authors wrote five stories about the same book club participants. We were writing storylines around each other, some times on top of each other. What an experience!