Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Magical Team of Sanae Kushibiti and Jacky Quetard

Sanae Kushibiki was born in Japan. 

Jacky Quetard was born in Orleans, France. 

They met in London in 1974 and together they create some very unusual and beautiful  artwork.


Their artwork is classified as naïve. It has elements of retro art and humor. 

They work on the same canvas together, complementing each other’s style and strength. 

Sanae picks the colors and adds the human and floral components of the composition.  She loves flowers.

I love her color choices and her whimsical additions to the paintings.

Jacky uses his love of architecture to add mechanical elements to compose the basic structure of the painting. He loves trains. 

Their work is highly sought after in Europe and Japan.

Magazine Articles :
“Jacky and Sanae mix dreams and reality. Their naive paintings are highly rich in colour with a touch of retro and a pinch of humour.”
(Vivre sa Ville 2001)
“Bravo, are on the right track.”
(Journal La Vie du Rail)
“One can also appreciate the technically skilled Quétard family's enchanting naive paintings.”
(La République du Centre)
“Their naive paintings are the result of or marriage between their two personalities, their sensitivity and tenderness and their two talents.”
(La République de Centre 1996)

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