Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Escape to Mulligan Lake by Sharon McGregor

Escape To Mulligan Lake
by Sharon McGregor

Marni is beginning her summer holiday from teaching, but she soon discovers it's not the relaxing time she'd hoped for. Notes left on her windshield, flowers delivered into her locked apartment, and phantom deliverymen leave her apprehensive. Police don't seem to take it seriously. Then it kicks up a notch. Her car is vandalized and her cat Caesar is poisoned. She soon discovers Greg, whom she meets through her best friend Claire, is one policeman who wants to keep her safe. He also has an amazing affect on her heart rate. Marni is afraid her stalker will turn on her friends and decides to escape to an isolated cottage at a Vancouver Island lake. But will her stalker follow?

A Note from Sharon:
A little about the origins of Escape To Mulligan Lake:
With the proliferation of  social media, stalking has become one of the most difficult crimes to identify, prove and convict. While modern forensic science has totally changed  police work in cases of theft, murder and crimes of violence, it hasn't done much to improve the safety of women when faced with a determined stalker. I decided to write a fictional tale to show the fragility of that safety even when surrounded, like Marni, by a network of friends. Then, of course, a little romance doesn't hurt so I added the handsome and concerned police sergeant Greg. Throw in a beautiful setting, a few additional quirky characters, and voila! Escape To Mulligan Lake was born.

A little side note—When I finished writing Escape, one of those quirky characters, Maggie, has me itching to tell her story as well. I have a plot running in the back of my head and hope to write Maggie's tale soon.

Sharon McGregor is a west coast transplant from the Canadian prairies, on a mission to escape the cold. Her imagination and story weaving got its start when she was an only child living on a farm. She's moved on from cowgirl dreams to romance and mystery, but hasn't lost her love for horses. She writes humour, romance and cozies, sometimes a combination of all three.

When not writing or reading she is busy walking her dog along the ocean.

In spite of her attempts to escape winter, she loves watching her grandchildren at figure skating and hockey.
The main item not yet ticked on her bucket list is travel. She wants to set her foot on six continents—she'll give Antarctica a pass, thank you.

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