Friday, June 9, 2017

Reviews for CODE Redhead: Red Sarah

Here are some reviews for Red Sarah by Carol Ann Kauffman:

"I just finished Red Sarah by Carol Ann Kauffman, a true emotional romance and it tells me that love will conquer all, no matter what time period it is, Your Majesty."

"Save the Prince; save the King,And in doing so, Red Sarah may just save herself, who knows what the coat? Moving from modern day wisecracker to a time of romance long ago, Carol Ann Kauffman's tale is filled with majesty and bravery. This time travel story is a gift for all."

"Simply buy this one - It will give you your 'feel good' for the day."

"Sarah is a redhead. She has a job fixing broken timelines for an intergalactic humanitarian organization in this futuristic time travel story.  Her assignment? Save the Prince, who will someday be a great king." 

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