Thursday, August 10, 2017

Amaryllis in August

Dear Gentle Readers,

The Amaryllis is  Christmas flower, but our Amaryllis is having it's own Christmas  in August. The plant doesn't stay there on the edge of the lower deck, because a good wind would send it right into the water. This was for photo op purposes only.

I don't remember this plant blooming last December, but now in August  it is just beautiful. All in all it had four giant red flowers.

Amaryllis grows from a bulb. It's a native of South Africa It is sometimes called Jersey Lily or March Lily, but it's not really a lily. They are great as indoor bloomers from December to March. They're fun to grow. They send out a huge leafless stalk sometimes over two feet tall. Funnel-shaped flowers appear at the top and can range from one to twelve, but we usually get three. This year it was four huge, gorgeous blooms, spreading out in all directions. I didn't think to take a photo until the first two flowers dropped off. 

At the end go the growing season, it goes dormant. We allow the stalk to wither naturally and then put the pot on the bottom shelf in the sunroom, where it gets heat, humidity, and some water, until it pokes it's head out again, ready for another blooming season.

Gardening is an art form, so this is an art post this week. Sometimes it's hard to get those artist types to answer your emails asking for an interview or to promote their work. They are busy. Some are not wordy. I understand and offer you an Amaryllis. 



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