Friday, November 24, 2017

The Baslicato by Carol Ann Kauffman

When Dr. Brook Wilson agreed to take on celebrity Italian race car driver Jason Maxwell, known as"The Baslicato," as her patient, little did she realize their relationship would turn her calm, pleasant, well-ordered life upside down, sending her off on dangerous adventures in southern Italy and northern Ohio. As she prepares him for his big race, she must deal with his demented wife while driving her boyfriend, Dr, Garrett MacEgan into acts of criminal desperation in a attempt to hold on to her.
When tall, handsome British actor Richard MacKenzie wakes up in the hospital after an accident, he discovers he's a short Italian race car driver named Jason Maxwell, known as THE BASLICATO.

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Dear Gentle Readers,
The Basilicato is special to me because my wonderful father was born in Basilicata Province in Italy, so to me he was the original Baslicato. 
This is a fun story, but you need to suspend your current belief system and temporarily believe that a man can wake up in another man's body.

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