Thursday, December 7, 2017

Silent Secrets, Cry Murder by DB Jones

Dear Gentle Readers,
DB Jones is one of my favorite authors since I first read Summer Heat, Volume One in the Seasons of Passions Mystery series, as well as the rest of the series. DB knows how to weave a tightly-knit mystery that keeps this reader on the edge of her seat.
Now DB has a new one out, Silent Secrets, Cry Murder. If this one is anything like the rest, it is not to be missed!

Madison Hart struggles to regain her life after her near death encounter at the hands of the man who vowed to get his revenge for the death of his brother. 
What she believes to be a case of arson soon develops into a complicated case of murder, money, and greed. Believing she is well enough to return to her job as an investigator, she accepts the challenge of this case. Along with her partner, Josh Logan they discover there is much more to this crime. The body counts grow as this well-organized killer spans from county to county leading Madison and Josh on a path of a murderer who will stop at nothing to find what he’s looking for. Little does he understand the complex workings of the mind of Madison Hart, a trained FBI Criminal Profiler who will reveal his secrets and will not rest in her pursuit to stop him and uncover the silent secrets that cry murder.  
As Madison and her team gather evidence and follow the leads, the pieces of the puzzle begin to form a crime that will take them into the dark underworld of corruption and murder…

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