Monday, April 22, 2013

Episode Four    Enter the Doctor

    There was a knock at the door.
    “Remember, Babe, calm,” he cautioned her quietly.  Jakson answered the door.  He and the doctor whispered for a moment before the doctor entered the room.
    "Well!  You’re looking very well today, Samantha.  How are you feeling?”
    "Fine, thank you, Doctor," Sam smiled.  The doctor shot Jakson a happy look.
    "Yes, Doc, she feels much better today.  She’s herself this morning.  I think we're ready to go home."
    "I’m happy to hear that.  If you didn't improve soon, I was going to have to start medicating Jakson."  He laughed.
    "He's kidding, Sweetheart.  Don’t scare her, Doc.  I'm fine.  Just seasonal allergies."
    "He's been very worried about you.  You've got yourself a good one here, Samantha.”  She looked at Jakson uncomfortably.  Why did she feel she was being manipulated?  She nodded.
    "So, you’re feeling better?"
    "Yes, Doctor, I feel fine."
    "Jakson, any hostility today?"
    "No.  She is her old sweet self."
    "Doctor, what happened to me?"
    "We’re not quite sure.  A virus, we suspect.  It disrupted your memories.  They'll come back.  But you’re not very patient with yourself."
    "A virus?  A virus took away my memories?  But I can still speak and walk and tie my shoes?  Did anyone else contract this selective memory-destroying virus?”
    “No.”   How convenient, she thought.
    “And you’re sure it's not Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia?"
    "No dementia of any form.”"
    "Are my oxygen levels within the normal range?”
    “And is my bloodwork normal?”
    “Yes, bloodwork is good.”
    “Any drugs in my system, like... oh, say, Rohypnol?"
    "No date rape drugs in your system.  And you haven't been out of control?"  He shot Jakson an alarmed look.
    "You'll have to ask Jaks!" she smiled.
    "No, Doc, she's been fine.  A little confused about her situation, of course, but that’s to be expected, isn’t it?  Could you give her a little background information on herself?  I'll go for a little walk, so that you two can have some private doctor-patient time," he said.  Then in a soft whisper to her he added,         "Ask him anything about me, anything at all.  I want you to trust me again, okay?"  He left the room and went outside.
    "What can I help you with, Samantha?" the doctor asked.
    “First of all, where am I?”
     “At our private clinic.  For my private patients.  In Tampa, Florida.  Head injuries, brain trauma, and memory problems.  My partner and I own and operate the clinic and we try our best to make it as comfortable and homelike as possible for our patients and their spouses.”

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