Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Episode Six      Going Home

    They drove down toward the Gulf coast, crossing the Tampa Bay Causeway.
   “Oh, this is so lovely!  I’d forgotten how truly beautiful it is here.”
   “You love it here.  You said this was your favorite place in the world.  That’s why we bought the condo here on the beach.  Remember?”  She didn’t answer.  What she was remembering was nothing like what Jakson and Dr. Reynolds told her.
   “Dr. Reynolds gave me a prescription for my allergy medicine.  I’m almost out.  I’ll probably have to pick it up soon.”
   “How long has Dr. Reynolds been my doctor?  I swear I never saw the man before today.”
   “For about a year now.”
   “Since we’ve been married then?”
   “What about before that?  Who was my doctor?”
   “You didn’t have one, Honey.  That’s why I took you to my doctor.”
   “So, I have no family.  I have no doctor.  I love things, and I do some kind of fluff job for, who?”
   “You work for the Pendleton Markson Corporation, PenMark, and its not fluff.  You make a real difference in the lives of the children we work with, in health care, educational programs for mothers and children.  Vaccinations.  Sanitation.  Preventive medicine.  Food.”
   “Oh.”  She remained unimpressed.
   “And you love me, very much,” he nodded with just the tiniest smile.  She eyed him suspiciously, but then smiled at him.  It’s going to be impossible not to, she thought.
   The area grew more beautiful with every passing mile and soon they pulled into the parking lot of a very tall, white condominium complex.
   “Well, this is it, we’re home!  Let me take you up stairs and get you settled.  Then I’ll come back down for our things.”
   “Nonsense!  I’ll grab my bag and you take yours.  Don’t fuss, Jaks, it makes me think that I’m  terminal or fragile or ready to fall apart or something.  Don’t worry.  I’m not.  Let’s go.”
   “Hi, Sam!  Hi, Mr. Blake.  How are you?” said a waving, bubbly young girl in the lobby.  Sam smiled at her and said hi, but did not recognize her.
   “Hello, Shay,” said Jakson.  “We’re fine.  How are you?”  They got in the elevator and went up to the seventh floor.  He pulled out his keys and opened the door to 702.
   “Here we are, Love.  We’re home.  Does anything look familiar?”  She nodded.  Yes, she’d seen it before.  The condo was beautiful.  Whites and light blues dominated the living room with a pop of peach accents.  White sheer curtains pulled back allowing the breath-taking view to spill into the room.  From the doorway she could see the Gulf of Mexico.  The sky was a brilliant shade of blue, but it was the clouds that were most impressive.  There were great big white fluffy ones high up, and thin wispy ones moving quickly underneath them.  The gulf water was calm and a lovely milky blue color.  The view from the balcony was panoramic, with expansive white sandy beaches up and down the shoreline and palm trees dotting the landscape.  Floral shrubs lined the property in shades of pink, from pale to fuchsia.  White deck furniture set in small groups accented the grounds in lovely little vignettes with cushions, potted palm trees, and flowering shrubs.
   “Jaks, this place is gorgeous!”
   “Our place, Baby, yours and mine.  And, yes, it is.”

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