Thursday, April 25, 2013


IMPRESSIONISM   is a painting style characterized by very fine, but visible brush strokes, open composition,  common subject matter, pure, bright, colors and a highly accentuated play of light.

As with Fauvism, Impressionism also had it's beginings in Paris during the 1870's and 1880's.  The style was highly criticized by the traditional French art community because it broke the rules of academic painting.  Contrary to the status quo where realistic scenes, landscapes, and portraits were painted in studios, the Impressionists worked outdoors capturing the effects of sunlight and acheiving a sense of movement to their art.

I'm a huge fan of MAXFIELD PARRISH, an  awe-inspiring American Impressionist artist and illustrator. (July 25, 1870 - March 30, 1966)    His works featured intense hues  (Parrish Blue) and dazzling luminosity.  You can find some interesting examples of Parrish's talent in the background of Elton John's  "Caribou"  album cover and also a variation of Parrish's  painting "Daybreak",  on the cover of the Moody Blues album titled "The Present".

Pictured above is "Ecstasy, 1930"  by Maxfield Parrish.  Note the intense blue sky contrasted with the subtle eroticism of the female figure.

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