Thursday, April 25, 2013

Episode Seven    Very Healthy and Extremely Neat

    "Are you hungry?" Jakson asked.
    "Okay.  Then, how about we go for a little walk on the beach?  That usually makes you feel better.  Want to change just in case you get the urge for a little dip?"
    The idea sounded wonderful to her.  She nodded.  He took her hand and led her into their bedroom, pulling open a drawer and pulling out a pair of white swim trunks with navy and red piping down the sides.  She looked around.  The calming beiges and taupes of the bedroom reminded her of sand and shoreline.  It was set off dramatically by the classic dark cherry Queen Anne furniture and a bit of English country garden influence.  It was warm, inviting, and restful.  And everything was very neat.
    "Jaks, I..."  He anticipated her question and pulled open a drawer in the adjacent dresser.
    "You keep your bathing suits and coverups in here.  Water shoes are in the bottom of the closet.  I'll get them and some towels while you change."  He went into the master bathroom.  She walked around the very large comfortable room.  She opened a door, surprised to find a large, perfectly organized closet full of beautiful clothes and shoes.  She checked the labels.  Size ten.  If I'm married to sweet, handsome HIM and I live HERE is this gorgeous tropical paradise, and all this beautiful high-end stuff is MINE, then why am I not skipping around doing the 'I'm the luckiest woman in the world' happy dance?  Why do I have this nasty, dark, suspicious, paranoid streak as wide as Cleveland?  He came out, looking very good in his swim trunks, with towels for them both.  He pulled a navy shirt out of his closet.
    “Is my sweetheart suddenly shy?  Want to change in the bathroom?”  She nodded, went in, and closed the door. The bathroom was a beautiful, restful oasis with its sea green glass tiles and seafoam green shower curtain.  More odd-looking water filters.  White shutters adorned the window, and there were some shelves on both sides of the window displaying little lighthouses from around the world.  She recognized them.  She bought some of them herself on vacation when she was in college.  Look! Lake Erie and Cape May.  And my husband brought me one every time he had to go away on a business trip without me.  She touched them to make sure they were real.  They were.  She pulled off her clothes and stepped into a one piece, one shoulder black swimsuit.  Very nice.  Expensive.  She looked in the mirror.  It fit her.  It fit her WELL.  In fact, she looked damn good.  She slipped a black lace blouse over her suit, but didn’t button it.
    She quietly opened the medicine cabinet and poked around, looking for something else to jar her memory.  First-aid items, alcohol, peroxide.  Dental care necessities.  Aspirin, shaving items.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  According to the contents of this medicine cabinet, they were two very healthy and extremely neat people.
    “Sam?  Honey?  Everything okay in there, Babe?  Need help?”
    “No, Jaks.  I’m fine.  Be right out.”  She quietly closed the cabinet door and came out of the bathroom.
    “Ah!  There she is!  The irresistible woman who stole my heart!”  He stood there and looked at her for a moment, as if he expected her to say something.  She didn’t.  “I have our water shoes and some towels.  Let’s go.”  He reached for her hand and they walked toward the back of the building, entering a tall, gleaming, glass elevator.  He pushed some buttons and the elevator began its slow descent while she took in the breathtaking, paradise-like view.  This was the most beautiful place she had ever seen.  And, yes, it did feel like home.

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  1. This is a wonderfully twisted soap opera for the brain. Samantha has me worried and Jakson, sweet as he appears to be, creeps me out. Love the imagery...I feel like I'm right there with the characters.