Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Art that steps outside the realm of realism has always excited and inspired me.  Artists whose works depict the world as it "isn't" have served as the impetus for a number of my own endeavors.  Some of those styles include, cubism, fauvism, and expressionism.  Today's brief focus is on Fauvism.

FAUVISM   A short-lived style of painting from early 20th century France.  It is recognizable by its bold, clashing, arbitrary colors - hues that would not appear in objects in the natural world.  The word "fauve" is French for " wild beast".

Les Fauves,  was a small group of modern artists that produced works boasting strong colors - colors characteristic of Impressionist paintings.  The movement originated with Gustave Moreau, well known for being a controversial professor of art in Paris.   Moreau taught the likes of Matisse, Marquat, and Rouault.  Henri Matisse was the most noted of the fauvist students.

Pictured here is "Woman With A Hat" from 1905 by Henri Matisse.

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