Thursday, July 11, 2013


There are some magnificent Russian painters, who for unknown reasons are not found in mainstream art. It requires a bit of detective work, but the results are astounding. One such painter was Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov (1881 - 1944) born in Mikhailovskaya-on-Don, a cossack village, to peasant parents.

In 1900 he attended the Moscow School of Painting, Scupture, and Architecture.  By 1909, he had been expelled from the school on the basis of his artistic free thinking.  As a student he travelled through western Europe, Turkey, and Egypt.

Little else is known about Mashkov other than he was a member of an artistic association,  known as "Mir iskusstva", and at one point had opened his own school of art.

Image above "Landscape with a Town"  1909, by Ilya Mashkov

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