Friday, January 10, 2014

1800 LIKES Giveaway on Facebook

Dear Happy Readers,
Wednesday I celebrated 1800 LIKES Polar Vortex Snowflake
Giveaway on Facebook.  I am already at 1917 LIKES, so get ready
for the BIG 2000! Here's how it works.  When I hit 2000 LIKES, I will ask that you go to and type in Carol Ann Kauffman in the search box.  Eight books will be listed.  Full-length novel titles are printed in ALL CAPS and shorter works titles are are printed normally.  You pick the one you want and type it in the comments section of the 2000 LIKES announcement.  That's all there is to it! So check out my Facebook Author Page, Carol Ann Kauffman, Author soon for an opportunity to be gifted an eBook from my list.  Don't have a kindle?  Don't worry!  Amazon has an app for a free kindle ebook reader for your computer, smart phone, or other device.  It is on my author page.

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