Sunday, January 12, 2014

Evolution of the BLUE LAKE Cover

BLUE LAKE, Cover Number 1

This is the cover of my very first novel.  I self-published this on on January 25, 2012, but it has been finished for close to two years, awaiting answers from big publishing house query letters.  Comments on the book ranged from "something you would find on Mary Poppin's night stand" to "too slow and needs some juice" to "love it, sweet love story BUT we are not accepting submissions from unknown authors at this time." After a revision for formatting of the novel, I thought the amateurish cover needed a total makeover.

BLUE LAKE, Cover Number 2

So this was the second attempt.  As much as I liked it, the lettering was impossible to read in a thumbnail size, which is very important when distributing your books on  There is no actual book to hold in your hand and see up close.  It MUST look good in postage stamp size.  On to the third attempt...

BLUE LAKE, Cover Number 3

And here we are today!  This is the cover presently on my Author Page, Carol Ann Kauffman and I am happy with this one.   BLUE LAKE is the first book in the Time After Time series, and will be celebrating the second anniversary of it's publication on January 25, 2014.  It will always hold a special place in my heart because although it is not my best novel, it was my first, the book that changed my life. 

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