Friday, April 6, 2018

FREE Today - BELTERRA, Time After Time, by Carol Ann Kauffman

 Dear Gentle Readers.

BELTERRA, the first book in the Time After Time Series chronologically, is FREE today. The Time After Time series follows a pair of lovers through their many lifetimes together. It gives new meaning to "until we meet again."

I wrote BLUE LAKE first, but this one is a prequel and the perfect  jump-in book for anyone wanting to start reading the Time After Time series. Other books in the series are The Baslicato, Bentley Square, Waiting for Richard, Lord of Blakeley, and MacKalvey House. The next one, Wait for Me, is done. It has a beautiful cover and follow Richard and Nicole in new their adventures.


The Time After Time Series follows a pair of unlikely lovers on their adventures through life and love, this time on an alien planet divided into four tribes.

When Neeka, daughter of the Lord of the Warrior Clan, was out picking lavender in their vast fields of the West, she felt him coming for her, and she was ready. When Braedon, Lord of the Soldier Clan of the East, rode into those lavender fields, searching for the woman of his dreams, he had no idea if she were even real. But there she was, standing there looking up at him, smiling. 

He reached his hand down to her and waited. She accepted his hand, beginning their adventures together, changing not only their lives, but the course of life and unity on their planet forever. An alien planet. Or is it?

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What others are saying about Belterra:

"All I can say is WOW--what an epic story this one is!! I have read a couple of other Time After Time novels by Carol Ann Kauffman and truly loved them all--I am waiting to get to read the rest of this series. I read somewhere that this one is chronologically the first--and I kind of agree. There is no doubt in my mind that these are all stand alone and I am living proof that they can be read in any order!!

These two just can't seem to get it together--even though they are soul mates-until the very very end--and even then there is a zinger.

I just can't recommend this series enough especially if you enjoy clean romance, time travel and strong female characters!"

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